Team Building

Building a sense of team is important for growth and moral support! Get your staff together for some bonding time that will build trust, encourage communication, build relationships, increase collaboration and make memories. Effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture.

The Beast

This communication and team skills activity requires participants to team up, take on different roles, and work together. Each team will work together to recreate a “beast,” and the team with the best beast at the end, wins. This effective team building event incorporates listening and real-time communication as the key components for success.

 Think Tank

Energize imaginations and creativity to design and prototype new ideas, products, or services. Teams work together to brainstorm how to solve real-world challenges. Fuel the fires of innovation within your organization as participants experience the joy of collaborative creation.

Chain Reaction

Experience the excitement and actions of a “well-oiled machine” as participants design and construct a Rube Goldberg-style machine. Teams work together to build a complex machine using pulleys, marbles, ropes and more to carry out a simple task that involves all the members of the team. Teams are also responsible for making sure their machine combines with the overall group’s project to make one massive, moving chain reaction. This engaging and fast-paced program allows participants
to experience success as a collaborative team.

Pricing for one hour team building session:

Number of Participants Cost per person
10 - 15 people $23.50 per person
16 - 39 people $22.50 per person
40 + people $21.50 per person

*Add-on experiences available for an additional fee

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