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MOSI in Motion: Mobile Science Lab

The MOSI in Motion Mobile Science Lab bring the excitement of a field trip to you! Immerse your students in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) with workshops or assemblies that fit right into your daily schedule.

You might also be interested in our field trip programs, tabling stations, or science kit rentals!

MOSI in Motion Programs include:
  • Interactive STEAM workshops and/or assemblies that support your curriculum.
  • Multiple sessions per day of the program of your choice.
  • All materials for the program.
  • Lunsford certified enthusiastic educators.


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    Choose from seven different workshop themes tailored to help meet Florida state science standards. These programs are a great option for schools looking for each class in a particular grade to experience hands-on science in a classroom setting.

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    Assembly Shows

    Choose from three different assembly themes, designed for large groups or small. Our assembly programs are a great option for engaging an entire grade (up to 200 students) at once. Have up to two shows in the same day. MOSI instructors will demonstrate topics related to FL state science standards with larger-than-life experiments on stage.

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    Preschool Workshops

    Educational science programming designed for little learners! Shorter, affordable workshops that encourage growing minds to explore the world around them with natural curiosity. Choose from three different program topics including: motion, insects, or senses.

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    Tabling Stations

    Just Add MOSI

    Need to inject some STEAM into your event? Just Add MOSI! We offer interactive walk-up stations and larger than life demos that are fun and engaging for all ages. With guests free to come and go, these are an excellent choice for an afterschool STEAM night, marketing event, festival, and more!

    *Must be booked as part of an event, not suitable as a standalone school program

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    Pricing & Information

    PreK Workshops


    per day
    up to 3 sessions

    k-8 Workshops and Assemblies


    per day
    up 5 workshop sessions or 2 assembly shows

    Just Add MOSI Stations


    per station
    up to 2 hours

    Additional Information

    General Program Requirements
    • Site must provide an appropriate space and chaperone for the duration of the program.
    • Please allow for 15 minutes to reset between sessions.
    • When booking, please be aware instructors will arrive 45 minutes prior to your first session to set up in the space.
    • Certain programs may require electricity or water access.
    Pricing Overview
    • Assembly programs include up to (2) two, 45-minute sessions for $750/day
    • Workshop programs include up to (5) five, 45-minute sessions for $750/day
    • Preschool workshop programs include up to (3) three, 30-minute sessions for $360/day
    • Just Add MOSI tabling stations include up to (2) two hours for $325 per station, additional hours can be added for $50/hr for each station
      Program Capacities
      • Assembly programs have a maximum of 200 students per session
      • Workshop programs (k-8) have a maximum of 30 students per session
      • Preschool Workshop programs have a maximum of 20 students per session
      • Just Add MOSI interactive hands-on tabling stations can engage 10 people at a time as a walk-up*
      • Just Add MOSI mini-demo tabling stations can engage up to 50 people at a time*


      *Just Add MOSIs must be booked as part of a larger event, not suitable as a standalone school program

      Booking your Program
      • To book a program, you can submit a form online, call us at (813) 987-6000, or email
      • Programs must be reserved one (1) month in advance of program date
      • A $50 deposit or letter of intent is required to reserve.
      • Payment is due (2) two weeks prior to your program date.
      • Adjustments to your program or changes to your schedule must be made (2) two weeks prior to your program date.

      The Center of Science and Innovation

      Outreach Preview

      The Science Extravaganza Assembly Program has a little bit of everything, fire, ice, electricity, and a lot of learning. Science standards focus on physics, energy transfer, and more.

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