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a-MAZE-ing Butterflies: A New Way for Families to Connect at MOSI

Check out the article below, as featured in Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine!

  • Published December 28, 2023, 3:01 PM UTC

Parents looking for a new way to connect with their family will enjoy “a-MAZE-ing Butterflies,” an edu-tainment exhibit opening on January 24th at the Museum of Science and Industry.

As chronicled in previous editions of TB Parenting Magazine, MOSI has focused its efforts on crafting experiences and amenities for adult guests. Now, “a-MAZE-ing Butterflies” leverages those adult amenities, plus MOSI’s all-ages “LIVECycles Butterfly Garden,” to offer a balanced day of fun. The result? Parents can create meaningful connections with their kids without having to endure only dull, child-oriented activities.

Both the existing LIVECycles Butterfly Garden and the new “a-MAZE-ing Butterflies” teach visitors about the life cycles and behaviors of these beautiful creatures. LIVECycles is a walk-in interactive shadehouse featuring a garden of native Florida plant species and a variety of active butterflies. This is a great chance for photo opportunities, as you might get lucky and have them land on you! Attached is a nursery where you can see their growth stages as they develop from a chrysalis into the butterflies featured there.

The “a-MAZE-ing Butterflies” exhibit coming in January teaches these concepts with even more engaging hands-on activities. Children can “shrink down” to experience the world through the lens of a butterfly. This exhibit offers in-depth knowledge about how butterflies interact with their surroundings. From predators to environmental changes, learn about the unique survival strategies these insects employ and the role they play in the ecosystem. Kids can run, jump, crawl, and play through the exhibit while gaining valuable insight that connects with their school’s curriculum.

Parents wanting the best value are encouraged to purchase a membership, which comes with perks including free add-ons, flexible guest invites, discounts at MOSI and other local attractions.

Aside from unlimited general admission for the year, there are free member-exclusive events held regularly. These range from trick-or-treating for kids on Halloween to elevated 18+ events. One example perfect for a romantic date night is SkyWatch, a guided look at the night sky through telescopes, with extended hours for Zydeco, MOSI’s on-site restaurant and bar. Visit for more information and to experience the latest MOSI has to offer.

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