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Brick Dinos

Embark on an adventure to the Jurassic and encounter dinosaurs up close, all ingeniously crafted from LEGO bricks! Brick Dinos roars into MOSI, Tampa’s Museum of Science & Industry, starting May 18.

 Teaming up with a paleontologist, artists have meticulously brought to life some of the mightiest creatures to roam the planet, ranging from amazing miniature scenes to a life-size encounter with a 12-foot-long raptor-like dinosaur called Masiakasaurus.

 Travel through time in this fascinating temporary exhibit, which is included with MOSI admission.

Discover dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, spanning the skies, oceans, and earth. Ever wondered how you measure up to these colossal creatures? Step into the footprint of a mighty dinosaur with your entire family. Unleash your creativity by crafting your very own dinosaur masterpiece using LEGO bricks to enhance MOSI’s Jurassic scene.

More ancient activities will join Brick Dinos throughout MOSI this summer:

🎬 Create your own dinosaur movie and stand beneath the skeleton of one of history’s biggest dinos in Dinovations Lab

🌋 Immerse yourself in the earliest days of our planet with the 360-degree movie Birth of Planet Earth 

🦴 Uncover fossils from beneath the sands of the Dinovations Dig

💡 Test your ingenuity with LEGO Build Challenges in the IdeaZone makerspace

“Warren Elsmore, the artist who created Brick Dinos, wove real scientific knowledge into each creation. You’ll not only get up-close with incredible dinosaurs, but you’ll see them flying, swimming, and stampeding in a re-creation of the world that looks just like it did when they lived in it, 65 million years ago.”

Experience Brick Dinos at MOSI, Tampa’s Museum of Science & Industry, from May 18 through September 3, 2024.



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