With a new theme every month, there's always a project to build in MOSI’s makerspace and fab lab! From high heels to a new hand, get up-close with examples of how 3D printing is changing our world.

Create something amazing in MOSI’s makerspace and fab lab! From building robots to ordering electricity to obey your commands, our team of inventors and tinkerers have hands-on projects waiting for you every day. IdeaZone® is home to different themes and projects each month, so there's always something new to see and do at MOSI!

We invite all of our guests to spend some meaningful time together building something new. Drop in during your visit to MOSI and take on exciting projects in Idea Zone® that are included with your MOSI admission!

Cretaceous Cafe

May 26th - August 28th* | 10am - 5pm | Included with General Admission to MOSI

Take a giant step back in time for claws-on fun and learning in IdeaZone®’s Cretaceous Café.

Uncover a trove of dino-mite activities featuring flying pterosaurs, dino detectives and giant-sized cardboard creations!


*IdeaZone® will be closed July 18 - 19

June 29th - July 17th

Use your detective skills to solve a perplexing puzzle of prehistoric proportions in this whodunnit game.

July 20th - August 28th

Try-ceratops your hand at building dinosaurs using tons of imagination, elbow grease and cardboard.

Help us build our life-sized dinosaurs or make and take a prehistoric pal home.