Homeschool Science Experience Enrichment Days (SEED)

What does it take to make a seed grow? The seed needs water, nutrients and light to grow. Let MOSI help your child grow with our new Homeschool SEED days!

SEED Days are monthly enrichment classes for your homeschooler that complement your homeschool curriculum through hands-on explorations of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

•   Classes are from 1 – 3 pm; once per month

•   Pre-registration and payment are required at least one week in advance

•   Program fee: $24 per program or $176 for all 8 sessions*

•   MOSI Member: $18 per program or $128 for all 8 sessions*

*Discount only available if you register for the entire series at once.

September 13th OR 15th: Physics Follies (Physics)

Did the apple hit Sir Isaac Newton on the head? Was Einstein really bad at math? Are black holes real? If so then where are they? These are some of the questions that we will investigate in this class. So get ready to put on your thinking cap because you are going to need it.

Last Day to Register: Thursday, September 8th

October 11th OR 13th: Space Ops (Space)

You are the commander of a lunar colony on the moon. It is your responsibility to make sure that goods and services can reach not just other colonies but the Earth as well. Create and program lunar rovers that can travel across rough terrain. Maintain life support by making sure that all electrical components are functioning properly. You must protect the base from solar flares as well. Good luck Commander, you are going to need it!

Last Day to Register: Thursday, October 6th

November 8th OR 10th: Water Warriors (Environmental Science)

Are you a water warrior? Become one by learning and experimenting with this planet’s most precious resource. Gather and test water from different areas of the museum. Learn how water functions in the body and why we need it. As a water warrior, it’s your job to help protect this wonderful treasure.

Last Day to Register: Thursday, November 3rd

December 13th OR 15th: Creative Chemists (Chemistry)

Learn about acids, bases, and other materials to make wonderful creations. Use different foods to create indicators to test different chemicals to find out what they are made from. Construct safe fireworks from household materials. Design bath bombs to test at home.

Last Day to Register: Thursday, December 8th

January 10th OR 12th: MOSI Crime Solvers (Forensics)

Become a forensics analyst by using clues to solve a mystery. Analyze DNA and test blood samples to connect a suspect to the crime. Investigate fingerprints and handwriting samples to eliminate suspects. Follow the evidence to piece the crime together and find out who is guilty.

Last Day to Register: Thursday, January 5th

February 14th OR 16th: Escape This! (Problem Solving)

Solve puzzles to find the master key. Use math, science, and keen observation skills to
crack different codes. Stretch your brain as you battle the key master for the ultimate prize. The Key Master is waiting. Are you up to the challenge?

Last Day to Register: Thursday, February 9th

February 28th OR March 2nd: Fab Lab (Maker Space/Fab Lab)

Bring your creativity to the Fab Lab where your ideas can become a reality! Learn how to use the Cricut and other tools to design cool projects and bring your creations to life.

Last Day to Register: Thursday, February 23rd

April 11th OR 13th: Energetic Engineers (Engineering)

Learn all about the “E” in STEAM! Create a working rollercoaster from K’Nex pieces and learn how to make movie glass out of sugar and corn syrup. Build different kinds of structures that can resist Category 3 strength hurricane winds. Get ready for some fun as you explore the world of engineering.

Last Day to Register: Thursday, April 6th

Program Cancellation and Refund Policy

All registrations subject to availability. MOSI reserves the right to combine or cancel classes that have not met the minimum enrollment. Campers or participants will be placed in an alternative class when possible. If MOSI cancels a class, payment will be fully refunded. For special circumstances, a 75% credit or refund will be granted for written requests made 14 or more days before the first day of the camp or program session. A 50% credit or refund will be granted for written requests made 13 or fewer days prior to the first day of the camp or program session. No refunds will be granted on or after the first day of the camp or program session.

All requests must be in writing and sent to: or MOSI Science Camp, 4801 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33617.